The following pages have examples and a
sample list of possible items.  If you have a
request, use the contact-us page and submit a
question.  Often new designs are already done
or can be generated rapidly.  This is especially
the case of the Animals and Fish designs.

Hundreds of preexisting designs

  • Our fax machine allows submitting your drawings.  
  • Our e-mail addresses are listed on the about-us
  • We look forward to designing your special projects.
  • Custom and Semi-Custom Design can be from:
  •        sketches : fax samples
  •   pictures   : e-mail samples
  •        Graphics : fax or e-mail
  •        DXF CAD exchange file of 2-D designs. : e-mail

Prices are based the complexity, size of a design
and the price of the metal used.  Metal costs by weight
 so thickness is important.  Too thin and it bends
 too thick and it is heavy.  

The final product requirements, (finish and paint? ),  also
determines costs.
This company sign hangs from cable attached to the wide ovals flying atop each
word.  Each letter is a foot tall.  

The metal chosen was 304-L Stainless, one of several that will not rust under
normal conditions.

This font is not a PC TT
(R) format (often is), rather a custom drawn design.
The letters contain open books on the tops - the hangers are hiding the center
V notch but are nice looking.   A picture of "Yard Barn" uses them as well.  
That picture is in Mechanical and others item page above on the left.
Yard, Home, Ranch and Business
Metal bending capability for brackets and straps

Maximum capacities shown below are for hot
rolled mild steel with the V-Block Removed
Width        Thickness
10"        5/16"
9"        3/8"
4"        1/2"
2 1/2"         5/8"
Maximum Capacity for the Bender with  the
V-Block in place is 3/16" X 10" hot
rolled mild steel.